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• 8/7/2014

About Pages in Navigation.

Now every page that are in the Navigation template, that pages can only be edited by registered users on the wikia. The pages that already have all possible information will be edited only by administrators to prevent users eliminate data or add spam.

If you want to edit pages in Navigation Template, you need to register now.


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• 8/7/2014

Ignore Tobias' exact requirements for adminship. Admins are to be promoted at my and his discretion. If it has been judged you have done sufficent work on the wiki, and that there is need for another admin you will be promoted, end of story.

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• 8/9/2014

Tobias Alcaraz wrote: Ok, edited.

Thanks for protecting this page, so that only administrators can edit that article when TDP4 was updated.

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