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Next update notes!

Soon there will be a maintenance on TDP4, will bring us interesting things this patch. Want to know which will be added?

"What was added:

  • New game mode - Domination. Capture and keep control over multiple zones on the map.
  • 3 new items.
  • Team chat ('Y' in game).

Changes and fixes:

  • Max number of players in tournaments (DM, TDM, CTF, LMS, DOM modes) and rooms was increased to 8.
  • Tournament creation window view was changed.
  • Error where users could gt kicked from room/tournament after completing a game in co-op mode was fixed.
  •  Boundboxes in the center of map 'Corridor' were fixed."


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New Update:

  • Clan system: Clan rating is reset to 0 weekly at 0:00AM.

New Update:

  • Items for 1,3, or 7 days at a time
  • Hover text color changed to Gold
  • TDP4 on steam button changed with TDP5 on steam
  • New Map: Playground

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