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Acquiring all arts requires 1645 cash (210 for each stat, + 175 for SE)

Accuracy Accurancy SkillEdit

Increases Accuracy Skill points. Makes your crosshair sightly smaller for all guns for each point.

Accuracy Artifacts
Picture Name Skill Boost Cost
Sniper Sight Sniper Sight +1 Accuracy 35 cash. Cash
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye +2 Accuracy 70 cash. Cash
Head Hunter Head Hunter +3 Accuracy 105 cash. Cash

Health Health SkillEdit

Increases HP Skill points. Makes you harder to kill. +50 HP per upgrade.

Health Artifacts
Picture Name Extra Skill Cost
Medicine Basics Medicine Basics +1 Health 35 cash. Cash
Medicine Advanced Medicine Advanced +2 Health 70 cash. Cash
Medicine Expert Medicine Expert +3 Health 105 cash. Cash

Defence Defence SkillEdit

Decreases damage taken by 5% per point

Defence Artifacts
Picture Name Skill Boost Cost
Combat Helmet Combat Helmet +1 Defence 35 cash. Cash
Combat Boots Combat Boots +1 Defence 35 cash. Cash
Combat Jacket Combat Jacket +4 Defence 140 cash. Cash

Strength Strengh SkillEdit

Increases Strength Skill points. Makes you stronger so you can use bigger and more powerful guns.

Strength Artifacts
Picture Name Skill Boost Cost
Warrior Strength Warrior Strength +1 Strength 35 cash. Cash
Bear Power Bear Power +2 Strength 70 cash. Cash
Titanium Implants Titanium Implants +3 Strength 105 cash. Cash

Explosions Explosions SkillEdit

Increases Explosions Skill points. Makes your grenades do more damage. +100 damage per upgrade.

Explosions Artifacts
Picture Name Skill Boost Cost
Demolition Essentials Demolition Essentials +1 Explosions 35 cash. Cash
Demolition Advanced Demolition Advanced +2 Explosions 70 cash. Cash
Demolition Expert Demolition Expert +3 Explosions 105 cash. Cash

Luck Luck SkillEdit

Increases Luck Skill points. Gives you a chance of doing critical damage (double damage). +1.6% per upgrade.

Luck Artifacts
Picture Name Skill Boost Cost
Clover Clover +1 Luck 35 cash. Cash
Horseshoe Horseshoe +5 Luck 175 cash. Cash

Bounty BountyEdit

Increases Bounty Skill points. Gives you a chance of double coins for a kill.

Bounty Artifacts
Picture Name Extra Skill Cost
Bounty lvl 1 Bounty lvl 1 +1 Bounty 35 cash. Cash
Bounty lvl 2 Bounty lvl 2 +2 Bounty 70 cash. Cash
Bounty lvl 3 Bounty lvl 3 +3 Bounty 105 cash. Cash
Gold Lover Gold lover +1 Bounty 35 cash. Cash

Survival Expert (artifact)Edit

Increases all Skill Points by 1.

Survival Expert
Picture Name Skill Boost Cost
Survival Expert Survival Expert +1 Accuracy, +1 Health, +1 Defense, +1 Strength, +1 Explosions, +1 Luck. 175 cash. Cash