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MP5 SD Assasin New
Assault Rifle
Damage 200-250
Per clip 6800-8500
Ammunition 34
Reload time 2.5s
Shot interval 0.15s
Accuracy 68%
Cost to buy Coins 8900 Cash 46
Cost to sell Coins 4450 Cash 23
Need skills
Accuracy 4
Strength 2
Explosions 0


The Assassin is easily the most popularly bought weapon by people who even use as much as $5 on TDP4. With it's high damage output compared to the other weapons around it's price range, it's suppressed sound, and a fast reload time, it's perfect. In Cold Day in Hell, this weapon is perfect, as you can switch camping spots each kill, and still be stealthy, instead of making a huge alerting noise, the assassin kills quietly, and quickly. Everything about it is either like any other assault rifle or better. The OICW XM8 price is a rip off, unless you want to just be classy, as it is only an extra 50 maximum damage and 4 less ammo, and yet the guns have a price difference of 11900 coins, and 40 cash! So OICW pricing is more than DOUBLE assassin's price, yet it doesn't even double any statistic. Overall, the assassin is a fantastic weapon, useful for every level, except high levels who are 17/17, as they probably should have PG Mark I and M202A2 by then, not Assassin. Assassin is good up to AT LEAST level 30.


The Assassin is a very versatile, and powerful weapon for low levels, and generally starts appearing around level 8, by people who use money on the game.

  • Flanking: The Assassin, due to it's suppressed sound, can be used to flank around enemies while your teammates distract them, and then kill the enemies from behind.
  • Skirmishing: Crawling then standing up, due to Assassin's high damage output for it's price can be used very effectively. By default, rapidly press S and W one at a time, while firing. It's like dropshotting really. It throws the enemy off balance, and increases accuracy.
  • Assault: Running at the enemy all out, dodging like a madman while firing at the enemy with assassin, as long as the enemy doesn't have arts, you can probably kill them before they even do serious damage to you. Even if they do have arts, you still have a reasonable chance. (depending).
  • Camping: Camping with Assassin can be unique, or typical. Personally, if I was in to camping, I would crawl somewhere, wait for an enemy to pass by and then kill them. Let's say there's a box, you're behind it, and straight ahead of you is an enemy with I suppose an AUG. You would stand up, fire a few shotsat them, and crawl again, a type of skirmishing.

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