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The Bank tab in-game allows the player to purchase coins or cash through several modes of payment.


Darkness Project Bank

The SMS purchase window.


On the official site, purchases of in-game currency can be made through SMS, which will charge the player's phone bill or prepaid service. After the player selects their location, a tab is opened displaying available prices and other instructions. For a list of prices by region, see here.

Darkness Project Bank 2

The Gate2shop window.


Selecting the "Other" in-game currency option on the official site brings the player to the Gate2Shop system, which allows up to 3 purchases per day. A table is displayed containing quantities of in-game currency and their values in USD, with an option to buy next to each.


Prices in USD here are converted to other currencies once the player selects their location during the purchase.

Coins Coins purchasable Cash Cash purchasable Cost (USD)
20,000 3.99
45,000 7.99
60,000 9.99
200 4.99
450 9.99
700 14.99


Allowed payment options are as follows:

Bank's Table

Facebook's Bank


The Bank on the Facebook app allows for many of the same forms of purchase as the official website, though the prices are higher (especially in the case of cash). There are more options for spending amounts, but even the largest purchase size fails to measure up to the smallest on the main site.


Coins Coins purchasable Cash Cash purchasable Cost (USD)
1,000 5 0.50
3,800 1.59
6,600 2.59
9,400 3.59
12,200 4.49
15,000 5.19
17,800 5.89
29 2.29
45 3.39
68 5.29
103 7.49
150 9.89
189 12.59


Allowed payment options are as follows:


Facebook once used Credits as currency, but they were removed in Update 28.08 due to a new site policy. Cash was implemented as a replacement, and existing Credits were converted into the new currency.


Kongregate's site-wide currency of Kreds is used for its TDP4 page. Kreds can be purchased on the website or redeemed for third-party offers, and may in turn be exchanged for cash and coins on TDP4's Bank. Kreds have a value of over 10:1 USD, making Kongregate less expensive than Facebook but still far more costly than the official site.


Kreds purchasable Cost (USD)
50 5
110 10
225 20
565 50
1150 100
Coins Coins purchasable Cash Cash purchasable Cost (Kreds)
500 5 3
1,100 12 5
2,400 10
36 15
7,700 70 30
16,100 180 60
33,300 288 110
67,300 396 200


Open a SuitcaseEdit

Occasionally when on the main screen, a pop-up will appear with the following dialogue:

In the middle of a firefight while hiding in an abandoned building you find a hidden stash. It consists of three suitcases, but you have time to pick only one of them.

One suitcase of the three can be selected, which will provide the player with an hour-long bonus of +10%, +30%, or +50% on all purchases from the bank.

Excellent! Bonus when buying currency from the bank! However, you can hear the sound of footsteps and voices coming from behind the wall. The enemy is nearby. Run...


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