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M82 Barrett New
Sniper Rifle
Damage 1200-1500
Per clip 6000-7500
Ammunition 5
Reload time 2.5s
Shot interval 0.5s
Accuracy 100%
Cost to buy Coins 44500 Cash 90
Cost to sell Coins 22250 Cash 45
Need skills
Accuracy 10
Strength 6
Explosions 0

Barrett can kill anyone without artifacts in one shot making it one of the best weapons in the game.

Description/Should I Buy this Gun?

The main debate is whether one should get the PG Mark I or the Barret as the first/primary weapon. This weapon has the capability of killing even the strongest players with one clip. Concerns may be that lagging can cause the gun to target inaccurately, which may have quite some effect due to its slow shot interval. Another liability is that the Barrett requires a lot of stats in order to be bought.

Many say it is the best weapon in the game, some say it is horrible because of the rate of fire and ammo capacity (considering the reload time). Due to its capability to fire a single high damage bullet at a time, the Barrett is perfect for camping and stealth, killing opponents without even giving them a clue how they got killed. The Barret has perfect accuracy, meaning the reticule has no spread at all, and so as long as the reticule is positioned in the right place, it is truly one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Just as with the issue of deciding to get an Assassin vs an AA-12, the issue here is whether you primarily like to kill enemies at a distance or whether you like to get up in their faces. Damage per second wise, the PG Mark I gives more firepower, but it's inaccurate and also has a tiny damage per shot compared with the Barret. Once again, you should have both the PG and the Barret if possible for dealing with both long range and short range situations; however, if you are in a crunch for money, the decision is much harder. If you seriously can't decide, then get the Barret, The superior accuracy will win you more fights if you can stay out of short rage. Another plus is that you will definitely be hitting your enemy as long as you hold your reticule on him. As a final nod to the legendary Assassin, although you may not be able to kill your enemy as quickly, you definitely have the potential to finish him off.

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