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This is the Battlezone. You can choose a room or tournament to play. Also you can create your own room or tournament. Battlezone button

Here you can see a list of rooms created by other users. Rooms have user count limits and level limits. Rooms button

You can sort rooms using the varying criteria Order Rooms button

To get the latest information about a room list, use the "Refresh" button. Refresh button

When you have chosen a suitable room for you, all you need to do is to click "Join". Join button

If you are tired of searching for a suitable room or you don't want to spend time doing so , just click "Quick Play" and the game will search for the most suitable room. You join automaticaly. Quick Play button

If you want to create your own room, click "Create". Create button

In the room creation menu you can choose the  map, set the maximum number of players, set level limitations, lock the game with a  password as well as other options.

Room Creation Menu

If you've changed your mind, just click "Cancel". Cancel button

In addition to rooms there are also tournaments, you need to be level five and be able to pay the stake to enter a tournament, the winners split the winning pot and the losers lose their stake, you automatically lose if you leave the room. Tournament

You can also create your own tournament. It is almost like a room creation, but with some extra settings. You need to  click "Create" to proceed. Create button

You can set the  weapons that will be allowed in your tournament. You can choose between time limit or score/frag limit. Also you should choose a tournament stake. Tournament Menu

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