CheyTac M200
CheyTac M200
Sniper Rifle
Damage 700-750
Per clip 4900-5250
Ammunition 7
Reload time 2s
Shot interval 0.45s
Accuracy 96%
Cost to buy Coins 45000 Cash 75
Cost to sell Coins 22500 Cash 37
Need skills
Accuracy 7
Strength 6
Explosions 0
The CheyTac M200 is a new weapon.

This weapon is a Sniper Rifle and costs 45k coins and 75 cash, placing it at 500 coins and 15 cash less than the vastly superior Barrett. That said, this gun is not actually bad, the 7 ammo means you get more chances to grab a kill than the Barrett or WA , and 700-750 damage guarantees double-tap kills on 10/10s; It's also VERY accurate, functionally perfect to anyone with the 7 accuracy requirement. It's main issue (excluding the price tag) is the slow .45 shot interval, compared to .3 for the Dragunov and .2 for the WA, meaning it has a much lower DPS, and isn't really capable of the rushdowns WA and Drag can pull off, requiring a similar playstyle to the Barrett. All in all, you're better off getting the Barrett, but for those with money to burn this is a fun alternative to the Barrett that requires almost no adjustment.

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