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Domination explanation:

- You will find 3 or 5 control zones on every map, the number of zones depends on size of the map.

- Domination is available for tournaments (with certain limitations) and rooms.

- First team to get the required number of domination points wins (for tournaments - min 500 and max 2000 domination points).

- Capture of a control zone lasts 5 seconds. If a player leaves the capture zone while capturing, capture progress is reset. If a player dies in the capture zone while capturing point, capture progress is reset.

- Every capture and re-capture of a zone gives 10 domination points to respective team.

- If a team controls 1 zone it will get 2 domination points every 5 seconds, 2 zones will give the respective team 4 domination points every 5 seconds and so on.

- Every kill gives 1 domination point to respective team.