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Glock 18
Glock 18 New
Glock 18
Damage 20-30
Per clip 340-510
Ammunition 17
Reload time 3s
Shot interval 0.3s
Accuracy 36%
Cost to buy Coins 650 Cash 0
Cost to sell Coins 325 Cash 0
Need skills
Accuracy 0
Strength 0
Explosions 0

The Glock 18 is the game's starter weapon, and the weakest in the game.


Usage in combat is simple; keep your mouse on the target and dodge for your life. Best used when crouched or lying down in order to have some accuracy.

Upgrade to a different gun as soon as possible. Once this is done, the Glock has three main uses:

  1. Serving as a backup weapon.
  2. Interrupting reloads.
  3. Allowing you to sell all other weapons for coins or cash if desired, leaving the Glock as your primary while you purchase a new one.

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