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Plasma Shocker
Plasma Shocker New
Plasma Shocker
Energy Gun
Damage 350-400
Per clip 3500-4000
Ammunition 10
Reload time 2.5s
Shot interval 0.15s
Accuracy 52%
Cost to buy Coins 40850 Cash 70
Cost to sell Coins 20425 Cash 35
Need skills
Accuracy 5
Strength 3
Explosions 2


The Plasma Shocker is an energy gun that shoots out small indigo beams of ionized plasma gas.

It is a powerful weapon for its price, not only does it feature high damage per second, but it also has a very quick shot interval, which is perfect for killing multiple enemies in a unison or eliminating a stronger opponent in a short amount of time.

The main downside to this weapon is that it has an extremely low amount of ammo per clip, causing the user to generally reload the weapon over and over again. This is why it is recommended either as a secondary weapon or as a primary weapon with a high damage secondary weapon. Due to the PG Mark I not being too much more expensive, people often buy the PG Mark I, making the Plasma Shocker a relatively rare weapon.


Because the Plasma Shocker is considered to be a balanced weapon in terms of shot interval, damage, and reload time, it is applicable for many tactics used in the game.
Plasma Shocker Combat

This is a picture of the Plasma Shocker in combat. Make sure to use it wisely or in a safe spot as it can lose its ammo very quickly.

One of the most common tactics used with the Plasma Shocker is to shoot in a well populated area. Because the plasma shocker is a pretty accurate weapon and shoots out small beams rather than a minuscule bullet, it won't be very hard to hit the enemy. Also, because it has a really short shot interval, its accuracy, damage and shot interval combine to make it a powerful weapon for accurate shooting, allowing the player to eliminate non-artifact-equipped players in less than half a second (~1200 dmg).

The second tactic that is used for the Plasma Shocker is the rushing technique. This technique is running towards an opponent while firing rapidly at them. Again, because of its excellent overall attributes, the Plasma Shocker would kill a non-artifact-equipped player within half a second. It is recommended that the user has the Plasma Shocker fully loaded due to the fact that if too much ammo is spent, it would result in a reload, risking the life of the player. It is also recommended that while using this technique the player has artifacts to ensure that they can withstand enemy fire.

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