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Railgun New
Energy Gun
Damage 2600-2800
Per clip 2600-2800
Ammunition 1
Reload time 4.5s
Shot interval 0.15s
Accuracy 96%
Cost to buy Coins 58500 Cash 196
Cost to sell Coins 29250 Cash 98
Need skills
Accuracy 14
Strength 14
Explosions 14

The Railgun is an energy gun that is the most powerful weapon in the game currently.

Tactics Edit

The gun itself can kill a 17/17 in 3 hits. Close to about 350 damage on a  17/17. It's a much better idea to use this gun at long range, as you would be more likely to hit presumably. Make sure to take your time to aim; if you miss then you may just lose the fight, especially in a 1v1. This weapon can become great with luck, so have some luck too! That's how you do the insane 850 damage crits to 17/17's. Using the thunderbringer to make the enemy panic and jump like crazy is good, as it makes them a more open target to fire at with railgun. If you see an enemy and think they're chasing you at lowish HP, camping and waiting for them to come close then killing them with Railgun may be a good idea. A critical hit will result in taking 85% of health from your opponent. After firing the railgun, you should pursuit with a weapon with a higher fire rate. 

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