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On the TDP4 Wiki (and all wiki systems) there are users who can perform some additional actions on pages. Although any user can already do enough work on the site, the administrators have greater access to some functions.

  • Active Users
  • 2 Occasionally Active Users
  • 7 Inactive Users
  • 8 Administrators (The founder is considered an administrator)
  • 4 Staff
  • 1 Founder

Total = 12 Staff

Image User Position Latest Activity Status
150px-23900105.png BnRusty

Admin / Bureaucrat

2 Nov 2016 Active
Thumb d5cc066f-2894-41b9-8aa2-c6710158fac5 Tobias Alcaraz

Admin / Bureaucrat

2 Nov 2016 Active
Michael Logo Michael


2 Nov 2016 Active
150px-4663069.png WikiaBot Staff 12 Jul 2014 Occasionally active
150px-4663069.png Wikia


24 Jun 2014 Occasionally active


Admin 3 Jan 2014 Inactive
150px-Avatar Tim0tim0


8 Dec 2013 Inactive
150px-11001.png Merrystar


11 Dec 2011 Inactive


Staff 5 Aug 2013 Inactive
150px-5891873.png Eltdrgntmr Admin 2 Jan 2014 Inactive
150px-Avatar Agroagro

Founder / Admin / Bureaucrat.

19 Oct 2010 Inactive
150px-4568845.png Abraaz

Admin / Bureaucrat.

12 Oct 2013 Inactive


These have additional abilities

  • Delete or recreate pages, history, and uploaded files.
  • Protecting pages, making it so that new or anonymous users cannot edit them, or restricting editing of pages to admins only
  • Blocking users or IPs from editing the wiki as punishment for infractions
  • Using the rollback function, which allows them to revert pages to their most recent previous state with a single click.
  • Editing the interface by changing system messages and appearance.


A bureaucrat can make other users bureaucrats or administrators within a wiki. 

Bureaucrats can also give users the ability to use the rollback function, which allows them to revert edits with a single click.

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