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Steyer Aug
Steyr Aug New
Steyr AUG
Assault Rifle
Damage 140-170
Per clip 4,900-5,950
Ammunition 35
Reload time 4s
Shot interval 0.15s
Accuracy 68%
Cost to buy Coins 12,000 Cash 16
Cost to sell Coins 6,000 Cash 8
Need skills
Accuracy 2
Strength 3
Explosions 0


The Steyr AUG is an Assault Rifle. It was the ex-classic weapon for players around level 15 to 30 who didn't have any kreds. The main reason was before the price revolution on May 1, 2011, the AUG was the strongest weapon which didn't require any cash at all. Some players however did manage to get the RPD at around level 23 or so. But because the price revolution did come in the end, therefore, the new classic weapon now in use is the RPD, M249 SAW, and the Assassin. Laser LGM is very common as well.

The AUG is a balanced weapon which is suitable for use in any techniques used no matter whether it is assaulting, sniping, aerial sniping, fooling others or even lob and drill due to its balanced amount in ammo, damage and very quick shot interval. The AUG also has the capability to kill high level non artifact equipped players for this weapon is really powerful before the price revolution came.


This is a list of techniques which the AUG is usually used for:

  • Assaulting: Running towards the opponent while doing suppressing fire.
  • Sniping: Shooting people from a far range at a corner of a map.
  • Aerial Sniping: Sniping enemies that are down below. Really effective due to the fact the opponent would have a hard time killing the user.
  • Lob and Drill: Whenever the opponent is hiding under a wall, box or any other obstacle thats blocking between the user and the opponent. The user would throw a grenade to the other side, causing the opponent to jump in surprise. Then the user immediately jumps over the obstacle and continuously fires at the opponent.
  • Spraying: Firing in a generalized direction down a certain area of the map, such as corridor. Steyr with it's 35 ammo can be used for this, although they should still be careful, as it is not IDEAL for spraying.

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