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TDP4: The Darkness Project 4 (Team Battle)

Game Types

  • LMS: Last Man Standing
  • CTF: Capture The Flag
  • DM: Death Match
  • TDM: Team Death Match
  • DL: Duel
  • DOM: Domination.

People Nicks and More.

  • Combo: A player generated organized farming system, where usually 4-6 people take turns at killing each other (most commonly 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 or 250 kills) while the others let the comboer kill them until they reach the maximum kill limit. The intention is usually for coins, cash, or kills. 
  • Flag Farm: A player organized farming system where 2 people take turns at capturing the enemy flag with no resistance. The intention is usually for XP, the medals, or lazy coins.
  • Buyer: Someone who uses money on the game.
  • Itemer: Someone who uses items.
  • Arts: Artifacts
  • GR: Global rating; the systematized rankings for the leaderboards.
  • KS: Kill-steal, when a player kills a previously critically wounded opponent while the one who critically injured the opponent is nearby.
  • Crit: Critical hit; the performed action of performing damage out of the maximum damage range of a certain weapon, caused by luck.
  • Spammer: One who continuously fires rockets in a generalized direction, hoping for free blind alley kills. Common in corridor.
  • Sprayer: One who continuously fires bullets in a generalized direction hoping to suppress enemies or get easy kills. Common in corridor.
  • Farmer: Not one who grows produce. One who in general illegitimately gains bonuses such as coins, cash, kills, etc. Ex: Multi accounting, Combo farm, Cash farm, Coin farm.
  • Camper: One who stays stationary in one place, waiting for passing enemies with the intention to kill them.
  • Multi Accounts: Someone who uses multiple accounts in one game. (I'm not telling you how to do it, it's both a glitch and a hack.) 
  • Spawn Trap: Where one camps near an enemy spawn position, and when an enemy spawns there, the camper kills them.
  • Alt: Alternative account
  • Main: Main account
  • Bot: An account, usually low-level, created specifically to be farmed for coins cash or xp, usually through tournaments
  • Noob: A mutated form of newbie that, instead of referring to a new player (Like the original or its sister phrase newb), refers to an experienced player who sucks because they simply refuse to put in the needed effort to gain skill, commonly confused with its sister phrases
  • Troll: A person who intentionally disrupts combo or flag farms for coins, cash and exp, or simply on policy.

(Please try and come up with more jargon, but DON'T delete any of the current ones!)

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