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WA 2000 as seen in the shop.


Damage: 450-550

Shot Interval: 0.2s

Reload Time: 1.5s

Cost: 30000 coins 76 cash

Class: Sniper Rifles

Ammo per clip: 6

Requirements: 6 Accuracy 4 Strength

Gun Accuracy: 4 (Good)


1. This weapon is used by some high levels as a finisher weapon when other guns are out of ammo

2. This gun's high rate of fire and accuracy, as well as respectable damage, makes it an ideal Run and Gun weapon when artifacts are not in play

3. As the class suggests, this gun can be used for sniping, it has perfect accuracy when prone (tested with 11 Accuracy) so if you can get in a good camping spot, you'll be hard to take out without a rocket/ pro aim

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